from “The Man in the High Castle”, by Philip K. Dick

“Did you hear the Bob Hope show the other night?” she called. “He told this really funny joke, the one where this German major is interviewing some Martians. The Martians can’t provide racial documentation about their grandparents being Aryan, you know. So the German major reports back to Berlin that Mars is populated by Jews.” Coming into the living room where Joe lay in the bed, she said, “And they’re about one foot tall, and have two heads… you know how Bob Hope goes on.” Joe had opened his eyes. He said nothing; he stared at her unwinkingly. His chin, black with stubble, his dark, ache-filled eyes… she also became quiet, then. “What is it?” she said at last. “Are you afraid?” No, she thought; that’s Frank who’s afraid. This is I don’t know what.

Interesting that Philip K. Dick mentions the Nuremberg Laws in his science fiction story!

Underscores the absurdity of labeling...