I read Stephen Dubner's book, Turbulent Souls, and wanted to share a few passages that I thought were most relevant to my life and the project. Dubner is a writer and editor for the NYTimes Magazine.

Ivan had awakened an appetite for the Jewish wisdom he dispensed…It spoke to me as nothing ever had. Did it speak to me on it’s own merit? Or because my long-lost father had been nourished on the same wisdom? Or perhaps it was because curling around somewhere inside me was a Jewish neshama, a Jewish soul? (from page 183)

The “new Christians” of South America, Christians who discovered that their ancestors were converted Jews, had a phrase for it: la sange llama, “the blood is calling.” (from page 223)

What is it that makes us keep on being Jews? Rashi – “He will not let us go.” It is Gd who chooses not to quit us. ... What was it that made me so desperately want to be a Jew when he so desperately wanted not to be? (from page 232)

“Your holiness shall consist of being truly human, not angelic. Gd has plenty of angels.” ... The day I began to demolish my hierarchy of piety was the day I began to feel truly comfortable as a Jew. (from page 290)

“They were people of great spirit and they passed it on to you. You should be grateful for that. It is not for us to say why the ruach ha-kodesh, the Holy Spirit, does one thing to one person and another to someone else. Surround yourself with people of good influence… and find Gd as best you can.” (from page 295)