My husband went to a reading and met Affinity Konar, the author of a new book entitled "Mischling," about twins in Auschwitz. 

From an interview in Omnivoracious with Ms. Konar:

This book was written less by me, than it was by my questions. I wanted to know how people could be shown the ultimate evil in the world and still find a way to live within it. I wanted to know what it meant to love someone so much that it informed your own survival, and also, how much the loss of that person could ruin you and spell out your own end. I wanted to relearn the meanings of words: family, love, beauty, remembrance, horror. I wanted to know if I could use language in a way that might recognize pain while transforming it, and if such language could be borne in the mouths of characters that could pay tribute to real people. Those who were murdered. Those who survived. Those who survived, and will eventually be lost to us, leaving us with the responsibility of remembering a story that some would prefer to deny or forget.