“She’s a musical pioneer, a grande dame of her country’s music scene, the first person in the world to record the complete harpsichord music of Bach. As a teenager, she survived both Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, where she contracted the bubonic plague. As an adult, she lived through the height of the cold war in a communist country, under suspicion as a party nonmember and a Jew. Zuzana Rusickova, the Czech harpsichord player, is 90 years old. Her story sounds like a movie. Now, it is one.” —Anne Midgette, Washington Post (read the full feature, “A Survivor's Life in Music”)

3 min trailer for feature documentary about Zuzana Ruzickova, who became a world class musician while living behind the iron curtain in Czechoslovakia, after surviving four concentration camps during her teenage years. She became the first and only person in the world to record all the keyboard works of Bach. Told by Zuzana herself, as she nears 90.