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Hanns Eisler on Arnold Schoenberg

Hanns Eisler on Arnold Schoenberg

 To the uninitiated listener Schönberg’s music does not sound beautiful because it mirrors the capitalist world...

Hanns Eisler- early reception

The young Theodor W. Adorno was among the enthusiastic reviewers when Eisler’s first compositions were published shortly afterwards: The Piano Pieces (Op. 3) which have recently appeared give occasion to refer with every emphasis to the author, who is the real representative of the young generation of Schoenberg’s pupils and is one of the most talented young composers there is.”

Entartete Musik: Hanns Eisler

"Schoenberg was sufficiently impressed with Eisler – referring to him as his most talented pupil since Anton Webern and Alban Berg – that he taught him without fee."