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Where do we fit?

"Are Jews White?" - The Atlantic takes on the question of what a post-election America with people like Stephen Bannon in high offices will look like for the Jewish community.

From the article:

These are rough sketches of two camps, concentrated at the margins of U.S. political culture. On the extreme right, Jews are seen as impure—a faux-white race that has tainted America. And on the extreme left, Jews are seen as part of a white-majority establishment that seeks to dominate people of color. Taken together, these attacks raise an interesting question: Are Jews white?

“Jewish identity in American is inherently paradoxical and contradictory,” said Eric Goldstein, an associate professor of history at Emory University. “What you have is a group that was historically considered, and considered itself, an outsider group, a persecuted minority. In the space of two generations, they’ve become one of the most successful, integrated groups in American society—by many accounts, part of the establishment. And there’s a lot of dissonance between those two positions.” 

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Musings on constellations of race and identity:

An intriguing article by Thomas Chatterton Williams in VQR on how our own perceptions of our identity differ from how the world sees us and how we are treated in society. This re-shaping of the self in response to what the outer world dictates is exactly what the Mischlinge went through in Germany, being designated as "of mixed race." I remember my godmother telling of the way her life in school changed as more and more laws were passed; how the girls who had accepted her as Christian rejected her, and how eventually she was then rejected by the Jewish girls as well, for being not Jewish enough. . . 

Read Williams' article, "Black and Blue and Blond: Where does race fit in the construction of modern identity?" here: